Favorite Posts From October 11 – 17, 2010

Chef Los Angeles

Mary Sue Milliken warrants a two-part interview with LA Weekly that covers food trucks and "chasing boar in Mongolia."

Follow these links to interesting posts from L.A. food writers over the past week.

Chow Balla

On October 12, Chow Balla founder Lesley Balla reports that Kris Morningstar Leaves District, Mercantile.

Drink Eat Travel

On October 12, Drink Eat Travel co-founder Cambria Griffith reports on my favorite recent event in a post titled Beer Float Showdown II at Verdugo Bar Was Funny to Watch, including an 18-photo gallery.

Eastside Food Bites

On October 12, Eastside Food Bites founder Valentina Silva reports on my favorite recent event Beer Float Showdown at Verdugo Bar. I was happy to see her write, “Admittedly, the whole beer-plus-ice-cream concept was a little baffling at first, but I can now say I love beer floats!”

Eater LA

On October 12, Eater LA editor Kat Odell reports that David Lentz to Open The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica by February 2011, in the former Brass Cap space.

On October 12, Eater LA editor Kat Odell wonders whether Nothing Bundt Cakes will succeed in a sector where Kiss My Bundt Bakery did not.

Eating LA

On October 15, Eating LA founder Pat Saperstein reports on her San Francisco Mission District Ramble, with stops at Poc-Chuc for “grilled citrus marinated pork,” “seriously good plantains,” and “richly-flavored Ethiopia Welena Suke Quto” coffee at Four Barrel.

Gourmet Pigs

On October 12, Gourmet Pigs founder Fiona Chandra travels to Edinburgh and experiences Oink, a restaurant that specializes in Scottish Hog Roll and Crackling!

The Kitchy Kitchen

On October 13, The Kitchy Kitchen founder Claire Thomas shares her detailed picks for The Five Best Bartendresses in L.A.. The Tar Pit is well represented, and of course DTLA factors into the mix.

L.A. and O.C. Foodventures

On October 14, LA and O.C. Foodventures founder H.C. shares his impressions of his Food Event Marathoner ~ J Gold’s Speakeasy Party & Savor the Season, a 24-hour stretch that included a 9-mile, 5-hour hike after four hours sleep.

LA Weekly

On October 15, LA Weekly restaurant critic Jonathan Gold names the Best High-Art Patio: Michael’s, in a short but hilarious entry.

On October 14, Squid Ink editor Amy Scattergood posts Part 2 of her Q&A With Mary Sue Milliken: The Transformation of Ciudad, Lifting the Tablecloths + Some Thoughts on Food Trucks.

On October 14, Squid Ink editor Amy Scattergood posts Part 1 of her Q&A With Mary Sue Milliken: Adventures in the Alaskan Surfing Capital, Chasing Boar in Mongolia + Her Hitchcock Squab Experiment.

Street Gourmet LA

On October 13, Street Gourmet LA founder Bill Esparza finally weighs in on La Casita Mexicana, Bell, CA: Authentic Mexican cuisine by Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu. He provides detailed back stories about both chefs and tracks the cenaduria’s evolution.


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