Favorite Posts from October 1 – 7, 2012

Vietnamese Food Los Angeles

Mattatouille heaped relative praise on Nong La, calling it a beacon of Vietnamese cuisine on the Westside.

Find links to some interesting posts from L.A. food writers over the past week.

Caroline on Crack

On October 1, Caroline on Crack founder Caroline Pardilla shared her perspective on the latest Food GPS event in a post titled, 4th Annual LA Beer Float Showdown: Winners and Contestants, including some great photographs that practically made me feel like I was swimming in each float. If only.


On October 1, e*starLA founder Esther Tseng reported, L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade Draws Top Culinary Talent in Fight Against Childhood Cancer. The culinary firepower included Donald Link from New Orleans, Paul Kahan from Chicago and Michael Tusk from San Francisco.

Eater LA

On October 3, Eater LA contributor Daniela Galarza shared her latest interview with one of The Barkeepers: Barman Aidan Demarest on Keeping it Neat, who apparently has projects planned for downtown and Culver City.

On October 2, Eater LA contributor Matthew Kang reported, G&B Coffee Pops Up at SQIRL Starting Thursday, featuring Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski behind the coffee bar for at least five months.

Grub Street LA

On October 5, Grub Street LA editor Hadley Tomicki reported, Cookbook Market Opening Cortez Restaurant in Echo Park, featuring “a consistently morphing menu of locally procured organic produce, sustainable seafood, and pasture raised meats, along with pickles and charcuterie.”

On October 4, Grub Street LA editor Hadley Tomicki reported, New Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing An Actual Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’s Clothing, commenting, “A Wolf by the same name with any other chef may not always taste as sweet.”

On October 1, Grub Street LA editor Hadley Tomicki reported, The Hart & The Hunter Opens Tomorrow For Breakfast and Lunch, Thursday For Dinner, including photos and insights into the menu from Kris Tominaga and Brian Dunsmoor.

On September 26, Grub Street LA contributor Krista Simmons reported, Chef Michael Voltaggio Raids His Brother’s Kitchen, Orders Takeout Undercover, running down his consumption for the week.

The Huffington Post

On October 1, The Huffington Post editor Anna Almendraia covered L.A. Beer Float Showdown 4 in a post titled, Beer Float Showdown 2012: LA Cools Off With Two Indulgent Treats.

LA Mag

On October 5, LA Mag editor reported, Guisados to Open 2 New Locations: Downtown L.A. and Echo Park, signaling major expansion for co-owners Ricardo Diaz and Armando De La Torre.

On October 2, Beer Chicks Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune wrote about their Favorite Homebrew Supply Stores, Plus Their New Book and Online Shop!

LA Times

On October 5, LA Times staffer Jessica Gelt shared, LA happy hours: Fall specials including “two options for happiness” at The Parish, Oktoberfest at Brühaus and a “bonkers” deal at SHOREbar.

On October 3, LA Times staffer Jessica Gelt reported, Echo Park’s Brite Spot diner gets new menu, chef and patio, plus house-made pies and pulled pork cooked with red wine.

LA Weekly

On October 1, Squid Ink contributor Barbara Hansen reviewed Monja, which she described as Like Eating at a Night Market in Taipei. Apparently Paul Wang and wife Enya are incorporating ingredients that aren’t normally available Stateside to produce dishes like “medicinal” pork, sliced “chicken” roll and popcorn chicken.

On October 1, Squid Ink contributor Celia Soudry reported, Clementine Expands With Second Location in Beverly Hills.


On October 2, Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang reported, I’ve Been to Nong La Way Too Many Times Already, calling the Sawtelle restaurant “one sort of shining beacon” for Vietnamese food on the Westside.


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