Favorite Posts from May 21-27, 2012

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Here are links to some interesting posts from L.A. food writers over the last week:


On May 23, e*starLA founder Esther Tseng shared her Favorite Places to Eat Raw Oysters on the Halfshell, including Pour Vous, L&E Oyster Bar and courtesy of Christophe Happillon.

Eater LA

On May 24, Eater LA associate editor Daniela Galarza provided a rundown of LA’s 12 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in 2012, including a pair of concepts with Casey Lane in the kitchen (The Parish, Itri) and two places involving restaurateur Bill Chait (Mess Hall, Bestia).

On May 24, Eater LA editor Kat Odell once again went One Year In as David LeFevre Reflects on One Year of M.B. Post, in which he considers the first time he ever thought about the concept (2009) and whether they had to make changes after one month or six months of business.

On May 24, Eater LA editor Kat Odell took a look Inside Sprinkles Ice Cream’s Mod BH Scooper, which sells cookies in flavors like double chocolate and salted oatmeal cornflake and ice creams like malted milk chocolate and strawberry, with the option for cupcake top sandwiches.

On May 23, Eater LA editor Kat Odell reported about Slow Food Fast with Andre Guerrero’s The Oinkster in Eagle Rock staging their second Burger Week from June 4 – 10, with a different burger each day. Think In-N-Out, White Castle, and Jack in the Box, plus a Pork Adobo Burger.

Food Republic

On May 23, Food Republic contributor Jason Kessler took an Epic Thai Town Crawl With Jet Tila to restaurants like Ruen Pair and Hoy Ka Noodle.

LA Times Food

On May 24, David Chang and Peter Meehan headlined the latest UCLA Science and Food lecture, and LA Times deputy Food editor Betty Hallock published a story the following day, titled, Here’s what’s rotting at David Chang’s Momofuku kitchen lab. Her funky rundown included dry-aged rabbit, fish sauce and chickpea miso.

LA Weekly (Squid Ink)

On May 25, LA Weekly contributor Erika Bolden identified 8 Craft Beer Bars in the San Fernando Valley + Happy Hour Specials, including Tony’s Darts Away, Boneyard Bistro and Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie.

On May 24, LA Weekly food editor Amy Scattergood posted her Q & A With Professor Amy Rowat: Food and Science at UCLA, Danish Gastro-physical Societies + Experimental Cakes leading up to the appearance by David Chang and Peter Meehan.

On May 22, LA Weekly food editor Amy Scattergood profiled Le Comptoir LA chef Gary Menes in a story titled The Son Also Braises.

On May 21, LA Weekly contributor Rachael Narins took A Look Inside the Venice Binoculars at the new Google Café.

OC Weekly Stick a Fork in It

On May 24, in the latest installment of OC Weekly’s Tijuana Si! column, Bill Esparza profiled Chef Carlos Valdez: El Rey del Baja California Sur, who presides over what might be the region’s best restaurant: Buffalo Bar-B-Q.


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