Favorite Posts from February 4 – 10, 2013

Brunch Los Angeles

LA Mag reports that The Hart + The Hunter is part of a new Southern wave washing over L.A.

Find links to some interesting posts from L.A. food writers over the past week.

Eater LA

On February 6, Eater LA editor Kat Odell reported, Curtis Stone, Soon to be the Proud Owner of Pici in BH.

On February 5, Eater LA editor Kat Odell reported, Bereket Kitchen is a modern Ethiopian pop-up dining concept… that’s holding its next “soiree” on March 26 in downtown’s Old Bank District..


On February 4, KCET Food contributor Rick Paulas shared some fun facts about Lynsi Torres, the 30-Year-Old Owner of In-N-Out.

LA Mag


On February 7, LA Mag Digest associate editor Randy Clemens interviewed Eater LA’s Kat Odell for his Will Write For Food series.

On February 7, LA Mag contributor Bill Esparza shared a handy guide to Pan Dulce 101: The Shape of Sweet Things to Come.

On February 6, LA Mag contributor Eddin Lin shared a handy guide to Hair Moss, Bamboo Fungus, and More Lucky Foods to Eat for Chinese New Year.

On February 4, LA Mag dining editor Lesley Bargar Suter reported about a new Just In Time for Mardi Gras, Southern Food is Hot as Andouille, singling out The Hart and the Hunter, Spoonful, and Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

LA Times

On February 4, LA Times deputy Food editor Betty Hallock posed 5 Questions for Kuniko Yagi, including her latest ingredient obsession, the restaurant she finds herself going to again and again, and her last cookbook read.

LA Weekly

On February 7, Squid Ink contributor Susan Ji Young Park shared her 10 Best Halal Dishes in Los Angeles, including rice and goat meat at Banadir Somali Restaurant in Inglewood, Turkish breakfast at Mama’s Secret Café near the Beverly Center, and manto at S. Gyros Kabob House in Reseda.

On February 6, Squid Ink contributor Celia Soundry shared the Top 5 Menu Modification Nightmares: As Told By L.A. Chefs.

On February 4, Squid Ink contributor Clarissa Wei reported about a new Los Angeles Restaurant Web Series: Inside My Kitchen.


On February 8, Sprudge contributor Julie Wolfson was Talking Coffee With Le Comptoir’s Gary Menes, a man who’s friends with more coffee people on Twitter than chefs and desires a “small French style bistro that serves coffee but with the French names.”


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