Favorite Posts from February 15 – 21, 2010

Restaurant Los Angeles

First & Hope specializes in cocktails up front and music in back.

Follow these links to read my favorite posts from L.A. food writers over the past week.

Caroline on Crack

Caroline Pardilla: A Closer Peek at First & Hope Supper Club (February 19, 2010)

Eater LA

Kat Odell: Eater Exclusive First Look: Inside Red O (February 17, 2010)

Eating LA

Pat Saperstein: Spring Wave: Great Mall of China gets Shanghai’ed (February 21, 2010)

LA Times

Betty Hallock: Audrey Saunders exits Tar Pit; Marcos Tello now heads the bar, or not (February 17, 2010)


Matthew Kang: What makes a good food writer (February 20, 2010)

Teenage Glutster

Javier Cabral: Chichen Itza’s Mayan Tasting Dinner On An Anxious Friday Night (February 19, 2010)


Joshua Lurie

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