Emmer & Rye Short Rib Carnitas + Roti

Beef Austin

Emmer & Rye's share-friendly, grain-focused restaurant makes room for short rib "carnitas."

Emmer & Rye is a progressive restaurant from chef Kevin Fink at the base of a mixed-use development called SkyHouse on Austin’s raucous Rainey Street, within chirping distance of Congress Street Bridge bats. This seasonal restaurant opened in November 2015 and adheres to three culinary pillars: grains, fermentation, and periodic dim sum-style cart service.

Leading up to my family’s meal there, I scouted photos online and knew that their roti was a must. Little did I know that flaky, pull-apart roti was but a side dish to a hearty bowl of Short Rib Carnitas ($20). Tender shredded beef appeared in pool of posole-style hominy broth with punchy pickled pico de gallo. Clearly the photos didn’t do this dish justice.


Joshua Lurie

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