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Coffee Portland

Either/Or has been open since 2013 in Sellwood, Portland’s southernmost neighborhood. Owner Ro Tam provides freedom of choice in her 300-square-foot shop by featuring a multi-roaster roster from companies that may include local favorite Heart, Philadelphia’s Reanimator, Corvallis darling Bespoken, Eugene upstart Slightly, and Camber from Washington state. Either/Or brews the beans using several methods and even serves creative caffeinated cocktails.

Coffee Flip ($7), a play on egg nog’s cream-less cousin, incorporates silky-smooth cold brew coffee, house-made Tangleeood chai, and a raw egg shaken with ice and strained. Tam garnishes the frothy, alcohol-free, but still potent concoction with fresh-grated nutmeg and orange peel, which lend beautiful aroma to the drinking experience.

Address: 8235 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

Either/Or Coffee Flip (Drink of the Week)


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