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Donut Sign San Francisco

Frankenstein’s monster sprang to life after getting jolted with lightning. The Dynamo Donuts + Coffee</strong> logo also features a lightning bolt, but instead of creating something ghastly, the lightning just powers a mixer that yields supple donut dough.

Runners, cyclists, walkers and ritzy San Francisco Yacht Club daytrippers all flock to Dynamo’s donut and coffee fueled kiosk by the bay. It’s easy to justify a pre- or post-activity stop. Just order at the window, grab a seat along the stone wall, and enjoy.

Sure, the lime green and yellow sign at the newer Marina kiosk encourages visitors to “Make it a bacon donut day,” but other rotating offerings proved even more tempting. Sara Spearin’s team crafts featherweight raised donuts with pleasant chew, and also produces surprisingly light cake donuts. Complementary flavors are at the mercy of the seasons and the creativity of the Mission District donut kitchen masterminds. Four Barrel Coffee co-stars at Dynamo, just as Dynamo donuts co-star at Four Barrel’s Mission District flagship.

Donut Menu San Francisco
Of course I visited Dynamo two days straight. Why not when you’re within striking distance?

Donut San Francisco
My first Dynamo encounter included raised Ginger Orange Donut ($2) with good chew.

Donuts San Francisco
Their Strawberry Earl Grey Donut ($3) was a surprisingly light cake counterpoint.

Donut Menu San Francisco
Dynamo staffers swapped out wood menu tiles on Sunday, so I indulged again.

Donut San Francisco
Caramel de Sel Donut ($2) was a raised masterpiece with a sweet backbone and savory finish.

Donut San Francisco
My weekend’s sweet-tart exclamation point involved cornmeal rosemary cherry cake ($3).

Address: 110 Yacht Road, San Francisco, CA 94123

Dynamo Donuts + Coffee: Classic Combo Thrives in Marina


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Blog Comments

Been wanting to try Dynamo Donuts for a while, but they’re always closed when I drop by, so I was ecstatic to discover this kiosk over Thanksgiving.

The maple bacon donut was tasty as advertised. The only bummer was they were out of cake donuts, which I prefer.

The coffee is from Four Barrel, so it’s good quality. However, the cup I got was a little weak. Need to brew it a little stronger.

It’s right near my folks’ place in the Marina so I foresee many return visits.


Cool to hear you’re also a kiosk convert. Hopefully they’ll have cake donuts on your next visit.

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