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Beer Festival Los Angeles

DTLA Breweries like Angel City, Arts District, and Boomtown collaborate on an annual fest.

As if DTLA wasn’t highlighted enough during our recently concluded L.A. Beer Week, now you can find all seven breweries pouring together, one could say UNITED, on July 16.

Quick! Name them all….

Mumford Brewing, Arts District Brewing, Iron Triangle Brewing, Boomtown Brewery, Indie Brewing Company, Dry River Brewing, and Angel City Brewery.

The DTLA Breweries United Fest is a unique festival in our L.A. summer of beer, held in the tiny, triangular space outside of Angel City Brewery in the Arts District. There is such camaraderie amongst the neighborhood’s breweries that you feel like it is more a reunion than a festival. Also, because of the number of breweries and number of people admitted, it is one of the rare festivals when you could realistically sample most of the beers offered.

Your $45 entrance fee includes unlimited tastings and a commemorative glass. [Last year’s glass was a cool miniature can shape.] There will not only be core beers around, but also limited edition and specialty beers. 100% of proceeds will benefit The Keep A Breast Foundation. The fest is super close to the Metro Gold Line so it is easy to get there and get home without getting behind the wheel.

Or you could wander the Arts District and pick up some food and coffee and see what a vibrant area it is, partially due to these breweries.

Mount Whitney inspired the BEER OF THE WEEK. Summit Seeker IPA from Eagle Rock Brewery debuts on July 18. The third beer in the Day Trip series of cans from the brewery is filled with Galaxy, Simcoe and, naturally, Summit hops. Plan your next hike accordingly.

Your HOMEWORK is to look for a beer experience. Vague sounding, perhaps, but Airbnb, in a bid to add value to a vacation, has enlisted “tour” guides to create one day or multi-day excursions. Akin to shore leave from a cruise ship. Of course, there are food “experiences” and a beer “experience.” Next time you book a stay in someone’s spare bedroom, check to see if a beer guide has an offer in that town. You might find a gem of a brewery.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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