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Pouring Ribbons is the latest bar from Alchemy Consulting partners Toby Maloney, Jason Cott, Troy Sidle and former Death & Co. barman Joaquín Simó. They rehabbed a notorious second story space in New York’s East Village that previously housed White Noise and Uncle Ming’s, which were apparently good places to score coke at 3 a.m. Now the bar’s reborn.

In September, the partners implemented a wood and muted green color palate, along with a creative cocktail menu. They plot each drink on twin spectrums, which range from Refreshing to Spirituous and Comforting and Adventurous. When I asked Simó for a recent Pouring Ribbons cocktail that pushes people out of their comfort zone, he suggested the Prabu Bunch, an Indian inspired drink that falls slightly closer to refreshing than spirituous, and much closer to adventurous than comforting.

Simó thought a seasonal pumpkin drink was appropriate, but didn’t want to create another take on liquid pumpkin pie. Instead he turned to Indian cuisine, and “all the beautiful curries that usually involve gourds or squashes.” He also recalled a garam masala spice rum that Eben Freeman created for Tailor. Given that, Simó started by crafting a syrup with garam masala spices, pumpkin puree and Demerara syrup. He said, “You get all these cool earthy savory notes that are otherwise in a fairly straightforward whiskey sour, with a wheated bourbon [W.L. Weller], a little bit of lemon, our house orange cordial, and our spice puree.” He served us the convincing cocktail on the rock, capped by star anise plumed with a single aromatic curry leaf.

Address: 225 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

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