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Business & Pleasure sings in three-part harmony at Go Get Em Tiger.

Get over the idea that it’s bad to mix business with pleasure. As I found out at Go Get Em Tiger, the spare specialty coffeehouse from Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville in L.A.’s Larchmont Village, the combo’s encouraged. Even Los Angeles Dodgers greats like Fernando Valenzuela got into the act, as you can see.

In case you’re lost, Business & Pleasure ($5) is a two-part beverage that Babinski created. The first part is a shot of espresso. During my visit, that meant an Intelligentsia single origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe with bright acidity. Joining the shot: sparkling oolong tea, a palate cleanser that most people drink prior to the espresso, but is certainly sippable afterwards.

Pleasure is a frothy specialty beverage featuring espresso shaken with simple syrup and house-made almond & macadamia nut milk. The barista strains the drink and dusts the results with ground espresso beans, the same beans that they already brewed. Not only is Business & Pleasure flavorful, this is also a solid value, since the order’s really three-for-one.


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