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The inaugural Noodle Bowl Fest convened on the stylish back patio of the Viceroy Santa Monica hotel on February 10. Three participating restaurants – Din Tai Fung, Rodded and Tsujita – brought best-selling soup noodles. The other four vendors contributed their takes on Asian classics. Whist’s host chef Tony DiSalvo and Seoul Sausage Co. chef Chris Oh both created delectable Korean noodle bowls, but I’m going to focus on Seoul Sausage Co.’s dish.

La bok ki is a mish-mash of lamyun (as ramen noodles are called in Korea) and bok ki (rice cakes). “On every street corner in Korea, you’ll find this dish.” So said Oh, who accentuated the blend of crimped noodles and springy rice cakes with orange-hued chile sauce that tasted a lot less incendiary than it looked. To top it off, he added meaty pressed pork belly cubes and orange flower petals, which he described as putting “lipstick on a pig.”

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