Abigaile P.I.G. Pop Tarts [CLOSED]

Pop Tarts Los Angeles

Abigaile's pop tarts don't resemble store-bought versions in the least.

Abigaile is a restaurant and brewpub from restaurateur Jed Sanford located on a Hermosa Beach side street that doesn’t suffer from the oceanfront community’s typical fraternity post-grad pitfalls. The menu from Tin Vuong preaches “Globally Influences + Domestically Sourced” and touts some offbeat category headers like “Caution!!!…Restricted Vegan Area Only.” During a recent dinner, in which Abigaile hosted me, of course I gravitated towards “Carnage,” and perhaps their most devastating dish of all, P.I.G. Pop Tarts ($12). A wood plank supported a halved tart with golden puffy pastry crust and a rich, substantial filling of smoked pork confit, bacon and Gruyere. Up top, Chef Vuong showers the tart with crispy sage, chives and sharp Parmesan. If these tarts aren’t already Notorious, they soon will be.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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