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Susan Feniger and protégée Kajsa Alger bring global colors and flavors to Hollywood.

Readers probably already know that Susan Feniger, partner in Border Grill and Ciudad, is opening Street with protégée Kajsa Alger. However, you might not know what to expect once Street debuts on Highland in early March. Feniger has built a terrific website (clickable above) to explain her vision, and yesterday, she shared even more information.

Feniger decided to open Street in the former home of The Dive because “that area feels like there’s something happening after 10 o’clock” and for nostalgia’s sake. After all, that’s her “old stomping grounds.” 27 years ago, the first restaurant she opened with Mary Sue Milliken was situated on the nearby corner of Melrose & Martel.

Street’s website showcases captioned photos of Feniger traveling the world, researching her global street food concept. “I think the most amazing food ever is the food you eat on the street,” says Feniger. While dishes may not be exact replicas of what she found on the road, Feniger says her travel “will influence a version of what we put on the menu,” including an Indian black bean dal fritter she ate in Delhi.

“It’s going to be a very eclectic menu and it’s hard to narrow down,” says Feniger. She and Alger don’t just plan to rely on food from Asia and India. You’ll also find American street food. For example: a homemade pretzel plate with homemade mustard.

When asked how often the menu will change, Feniger said, “”I haven’t even begun to think about changing the menu.” However, they are planning to incorporate specials and seasonality. “We’re in a tiny kitchen and it’s a big menu for that kitchen,” she says. “When you’re talking about food from all over the world, it’s endless.”

Street’s international approach will extend to the beverage menu, including a “really interesting wine list,” “really great beer from all over,” and an eclectic cocktail list. Feniger said, “We’ve been playing around with this ginger drink that we think might become a known cocktail.”

Feniger and Alger are still testing desserts, which they’ll create. “When you look at countries like Thailand, Vietnam and India, what are those kinds of pastries?,” says Feniger. “We’re starting to explore that. It’s very different than from what Americans are used to.” It’s a matter of “finding balance of things we think are authentic and will sell.” One possibility: a sweet Indian paratha stuffed with brown sugar and jaggery and butter. The partners are also “playing around with yogurt and tapioca.”

As for the space, Feniger and Alger enlisted the services of architect Neil Denari. “ It’s definitely going to be modern,” says Feniger, “but it’s also going to be warm and cozy. We’ve got an outdoor patio with fire pits. We hope that will be a late night hang.” The patio will be “open to the sky, which is very Los Angeles.”


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The concept of world street food is definitely fun; not sure if you were at Adam Sobel’s CRUSH nights at Breadbar last month, but he is pursuing a similar concept with global refined street food too (currently staking out opportunities in either LA or LV), more info here:

And really crossing fingers I get selected in the Street’s preview group! I have no qualms on being a guinea pig 🙂

I like the concept. If the execution is there, and the prices are reasonable, then it could be a hit. It’s only steps from Mozza so maybe people thare relegated to hour-long waits will mosey over to Street.

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