Delichurros – “The Original Filled Churros” – Arrive in L.A. [CLOSED]

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Churros Los Angeles

Delichurros, a Ciudad Juarez based company, promises Angelenos “the original filled churros.”

Delichurros, a company based in Ciudad Juarez, across the Mexican border from El Paso, is launching a branch in downtown L.A., promising “the original filled churros.” According to the company’s website, Delichurros started in 1985, predating Xooro by over two decades.

Options include Delichurros Rellenos, crunchy filled “megachurros” with cream, candy milk, strawberry marmalade or melted chocolate. “Deligreat” features a Delichurro served with whipped cream and ice cream. “Delidonuts” are churro rings that are glazed and powdered with cinnamon. Finally, you can skip the churros altogether and order a “Delichoco,” a cold or hot chocolate drink that complements the churros. Finally, there’s the “Delimalt,” a strawberry, vanilla or chocolate milk shake.


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Great to see you’re in LA now but how can I get your Churros in El Paso.

Hey, did you try these? Any good? Oh, hell, guess I’ll have to go myself.

I haven’t tried Delichurros yet, but it’s easy to combine with another downtown stop, or as a finale to another Taco Task Force crawl.


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