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The Cruz brothers honor their Mexican heritage with modern cuisine.

Samuel Cruz recently relocated Tlapazola Grill from Marina del Rey, opening in the former Venice home of Pam’s Place on July 20. Cruz decided it was important to have a larger space with a patio, so he uprooted his Mexican restaurant, which is named for a town in southern Oaxaca. He’s also applied for a full liquor license, hoping that the application comes through in four months. The décor is similar to what you’d find at the MDR location, including art-lined walls, in this case red, blue and yellow.

Chef Roman Cruz – Samuel’s younger brother – added two dishes to the menu since the move: sand dabs with cheese enchiladas, vegetables and spinach; and a Royal Plate with chiles rellenos, carne asada tacos, and shrimp enchiladas.

A restaurant called Southwest Mexican Grill will occupy Tlapazola’s former home at 4509 Lincoln Boulevard.


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I love the food at this restaurant and was extremely sad when they. Closed.
Did the brothers Cruz open another? Is it any restaurant with the same delicious recipe, that you can recommend?
Are the brothers interested in selling their recipes?

America, Sadly, it looks like Tlapazola Grill closed for good in 2016, apparently a Snapchat casualty.

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