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Food TV has been a booming trend for cable television and you can find BBQ, diners and Iron Chefs and the history of pork rinds but until recently (with the late, lamented Sam Calagione/Dogfish Head show, Brew Masters) there hasn’t been any with a focus on the wonderful world of craft beer.

But maybe that is about to change Eat This, Drink That has begun airing on the Cooking Channel. Right now it is just a special, but, fingers crossed, it might become a regular fixture.

And it should because Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune are fun to watch on screen. ET,DT is irreverent and beer-educational at the same time. Part of the show was spent in New Orleans with the beers of Abita and Bayou Teche and includes a throw down against a pair of Southeastern cocktail mavens and a shrimp trip with a gentleman by the name of Big Sexy.

The other half details last fall’s L.A. Beer Float Showdown (put on by this very website) and you get to see the behind the scenes on the float that the Beer Chicks concocted with Chef Ilan Hall of The Gorbals and Jonathan Porter of Smog City Brewing.

Another beer-centric show looming on the horizon is the Next Great American Brewer. It is still a ways off but you can follow the progress starting now on their Facebook page. The show promises to bring “The best amateur and professional craft brewers across the United States… together to compete against each other in challenges related to brewing beer and running a successful brewing company. The winner of the competition will have their beer brewed, bottled and distributed to beer drinkers across the country!” That sure do beat shows abou ice trucking or gator wrestling.

The Beer Float Showdown has Eagle Rock Brewery as the backdrop and that is where we head for the beer of the week, which is the re-release of the award winning Red Velvet. Red Velvet was the 2010 GABF Pro-Am Entry (Gold Medal Winner). It is an Imperial Red Ale with Rye. Recipe based of Donny Hammel’s homebrewed version. And now it is back again in 2012.

Your homework is to conduct a blind craft beer tasting with the help of the Beer Tasting Tool Kit. It comes with bags to put the bottles in, tasting notepads, a quick use guide of handy terms and a booklet on tasting written by beer writer, blogger and Portlander Jeff Alworth. If you are planning on doing a blind tasting or were held back by lack of materials then now you have all the necessities in one handy spot.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Food pairing with craft beer is one of the hot trends, and deservedly so. Wine has had its time in the spotlight long enough. This sounds like a great show! If you want to do your own craft beer pairing, try cheese and craft beer pairing.

Craft beer and cheese go very well together and it’s an easy way to pair craft beer.

Recently, I wrote an article on a flight of cheeses with craft beer. It was finished with a choice of two desserts. I chose tarte tatin –one of my favs. You can see on our site the suggested menu and tips if you wish to. Enjoy!


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