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Beer Christmas Gifts

Craft beer helps to fuel hot sauces, T-shirts, and books.

This year’s craft beer Christmas gift guide starts with a bit of selfishness. What I want most under my Christmas tree!

Buy a ticket to the first (and hopefully annual) L.A. Beer & Food Festival hosted by the L.A. Brewers Guild at Mack Sennett Studios. Expect 100 beers from your favorite L.A. Guild member breweries and food from local restaurants and stores plus educational panels on beer and food pairings as well as the Art of Fermentation.

Speaking of food, how about some Beer Infused Hot Sauce in three different flavors ranging from Asian Sriracha to Garlic Serrano to Roasty Chipotle? All you need to do is find some beer to cool off your palate.

Complete IPA: The Guide to your Favorite Craft Beer is the latest book by Joshua Bernstein who writes for Imbibe Magazine among other beeriodicals and it walks you through the style along with suggested beers to try. This is certainly an IPA world where we are living.

Hopped LA has their 2016 version of the hoppy L.A. breweries t-shirt that is part art and part help in remembering all of the breweries we have in L.A. Bonus: it looks like a hop cone.

You can add a fancy Beer pin to your shirt or hat over at Brewery Outfitters that sell Beer Badges. You can get lapel pins or sew on patches.

Firestone Walker is bringing back bottles of their collaboration with Pacific Gravity home brew club. Snazzy bottles will give hope and good cheer to homebrewers and fans of the Weizenbock style of beer.

Along the window to the right of the entrance of the Craft Beer Cellar – Eagle Rock, you will find shelving with quite a few different gifts like glassware and towels and also their new hoppy Eagle Rock shirts and hats. You will probably also find a few Christmas beers to grab too.

The Beer of the Week is the Anchor Brewing 42nd annual Christmas beer. Officially known as Merry Christmas-Happy New Year to me. This year the San Francisco brewery is featuring the 1,000 Mile tree on the label of their mild and roasty ale that can be bought in 12-ounce six-packs or in large magnums with a bow on top. [Bow not included.]

Your Homework is to watch the bevy of college bowl games that are coming up at the second location of 33 Taps in Silver Lake. Yes, the beer list is only partially beer geek approved, but you would have to be pretty darn picky to not find something to watch football with your friends, some of which may not be so into beer and just want their watery corn juice.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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