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Beer Christmas Gifts

Craft Beer Christmas Gift Guide, Anchor Christmas Ale + 33 Taps

This year’s craft beer Christmas gift guide starts with a bit of selfishness. What I want most under my Christmas tree! Buy a ticket to the first (and hopefully annual) L.A. Beer & Food...
Beer Products

Spring Beer Gear Guide

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Food GPS Beer Gear Guide, a quarterly round-up of essential and/or fun items to add to your craft beer loving lifestyle. Pacific Plate Brewing Beer Soap –...
Homebrew Los Angeles

Brewing Up a Storm

At 9 a.m. on an already broiling Sunday morning, I was watching (and helping a tiny bit) as the Yeastside Brewers held a club brew behind the new Eagle Rock Home Brew shop. Two...
Homebrew Los Angeles

The Gravity of the Situation

Once again, I found myself at the Pacific Gravity Home Brew club Summer Party. A tremendous collection of beers from Chipotle Stout to Yuzu Wit in celebration of 15 years of club activity in...
Home Brew Los Angeles

The Research and Development Arm of the Beer World

Where would you find the creative center of the beer world? If you answered at a home brew club, then give yourself a pat on the back. These clubs are the research and development...