Cowgirl Creamery: Crave-Worthy Point Reyes Cheese [CLOSED]

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Cheese Point Reyes

Tomales Bay Foods houses Cowgirl Creamery in remote Point Reyes Station.

Tomales Bay Foods in Point Reyes Station hosts the famed Cowgirl Creamery, which Sue Conley and business partner Peggy Smith founded in 1997.

Cheese Point Reyes

A look into the world of cheesemaking reveals a milk canister stack from Straus Family Creamery in nearby Marshall, which supplies the raw ingredient for Cowgirl Creamery’s luscious cheeses.

Cheese Point Reyes

Behind glass, cheesemakers work the curds.

Cheese Point Reyes

Wheels of fresh cheese were visible as far as my camera lens could see.

Cheese Point Reyes

Sure, they had premium cheeses for sale from around the world, but the real draw was local.

Cheese Point Reyes

Here are all the fresh Cowgirl Creamery cheeses; there was one off the menu item, paneer, which was recently served to Prince Charles and Camila on their trip to NorCal. I was given a sample, and it was delicious, but it wasn’t for sale.

Half wheels of Pierce Pt, Red Hawk, and Mt Tam, with the official Cowgirl Creamery cheese knife, sold for $1 by the register.

Not surprisingly, Cowgirl Creamery even makes their own crackers, which are great with their cheeses.


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