Common Room Roasters Cappuccino [MOVED TO LONG BEACH]

Coffee Orange County

Common Room Roasters brings some Aussie coffee flavor to Newport Beach.

Melbourne born roaster Ed Moffatt opened Common Room Roasters last year with Jeremy Creighton in a Newport Beach industrial park near Hoag Health Center. They roast beans behind glass on a Joper machine and brew the results in a stylish space with cinder block and black walls lined with decorative surfboards that clearly haven’t spent any time in nearby waves. Marble bars with wood facades house a three-group La Marzocco espresso machine with wood accents, Modbar, and Marco coffee brewing machines.

All this caffeinated firepower delivers recognizable beverages, plus nitro cold brew and distinctly Australian menu items like Flat White and Long Black. A Common Room Roasters barista named Noah brewed me an artistic, beautifully balanced Cappuccino ($4) that I enjoyed by a patio with hanging plants and roll-up garage door.


Joshua Lurie

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