Cismontane Brewing Marea Roja

Craft Beer Los Angeles

Evan Weinberg and Ross Stewart may have launched Cismontane Brewing on the side of a mountain in out-of-the-way Rancho Santa Margarita, but they’ve still made solid craft beer inroads. The childhood friends recently opened a tasting room in red-hot Santa Ana, and they’ve managed to distinguish themselves with some strong sours, including Marea Roja.

This 4.4% ABV Flemish style red ale, which actually pours on the brown side, is pleasantly tart, and was pouring at The Oinkster during January’s Elvis promotion. I enjoyed a pint of Marea Roja with Thai Elvis Burger. This was easily the richest burger I’ve experienced at The Oinkster, with pork-on-pork, and then some, but Marea Roja refused to be bullied.


Joshua Lurie

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