Las Vegas

Seafood Las Vegas

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab: South Beach in Vegas

Like it or not, my life is inextricably linked to Miami. It’s the city where both of my parents grew up, home to countless family members and the destination for more than a dozen...
Ice Cream Las Vegas

Ice Pan: Mix and Match, Made to Order Ice Cream on Vegas Strip

The second Stateside location of Ice Pan could hardly be called conspicuous. It’s out of the way, on the second floor of the Harrah’s hotel, hard against the escalator. Still, Andy Sul’s two-month-old concept...
French Food Las Vegas

Guy Savoy: Bringing Precise French Standards to Bubble Bar

Refined French dining isn’t typically part of my repertoire, but only an idiot would pass up the opportunity to try Guy Savoy’s food on the house. Savoy may have already cemented his place on...
Restaurant Las Vegas

Bradley Ogden: California Chef Adapts Comforting Vision to Las Vegas [CLOSED]

In the early ’90s, my family celebrated more than one special occasion at the Lark Creek Inn in Marin County. At the time, who was in the kitchen didn’t matter. Instead, I was charmed...
Chinese Food Las Vegas

Beijing Noodle No. 9: Baccarat + Bird’s Nest in Las Vegas

In baccarat, the number 9 is a winner. At Caesars Palace, around the corner from the baccarat tables, that auspicious number is paying delicious dividends at a beyond-stylish Chinese restaurant called Beijing Noodle No....
French Food Las Vegas

Payard Patisserie & Bistro: Playful Pastries + Cafe in Caesars [CLOSED]

Francois Payard has built a pastry and chocolate-based empire that began in Manhattan and extends as far afield as Tokyo, Seoul and Sao Paulo. In November 2007, he debuted in Las Vegas, and his...