Sandwich Los Angeles

Lost At Sea Albacore Tuna Melt [CLOSED]

Lost At Sea made me forget what I know about the tuna melt, a typically humble teaming of canned tuna, bright yellow cheese, and bagged bread. The seafood restaurant from chef Tim Carey and...
Seafood Los Angeles

Cape Seafood Smoked Scallop Roll [CLOSED]

I get it. Lobster, butter or mayo, and a toasted roll are pretty much a sure thing. Thankfully, some restaurateurs understand that other sea creatures might also work wonders. Crab and shrimp have become...
Shrimp Hawaii

Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp

Oahu’s North Shore, centered on Kahuku, is studded with shrimp-focused trucks and restaurants, and Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp is my favorite of the bunch, featuring shrimp raised in adjacent ponds. The sea blue shack with...
Seafood Los Angeles

The Jolly Oyster Market Seafood [CLOSED]

Roving Californian Mark Reynolds and Baja-based business partner Mark Venus built on the success of Ventura’s Shuck Shack by expanding The Jolly Oyster to Torrance. You won’t find prepared food, or even seats, at...
Lobster Roll San Diego

Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar Lobster Roll

Don’t let the design fool you. In places, Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar in San Diego’s Little Italy resembles something out of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” with giant tentacles wrapped around lights,...
Lobster Roll Los Angeles

Knuckle & Claw Lobster Roll [CLOSED]

Lobster rolls are a way of life in New England. Martha’s Vineyard native Chloe Dahl knows this, and partner Nikki Booth now clearly understands that fact as well. The twenty-something duo serve lobster rolls...