Rancho Pescadero Pork Rib Carnitas (Dose of Vitamin P)

Carnitas Baja

At Rancho Pescadero near Todos Santos, Susan Mall and Jeff Mall pork spare rib carnitas.

At Rancho Pescadero, a bucolic resort that overlooks the Pacific Ocean near Todos Santos in Baja California Sur surf country, Sonoma County transplants Susan Mall and Jeff Mall utilize many ingredients grown on-site. The chefs also have a penchant for comfort food, as evidenced by their hearty Carnitas Costillas de Puerco (350 pesos ~ $22). These pork spare rib “carnitas” are kept on the bone and fried in pork fat until they form a nice sear. A few sizable ribs joined smoky black beans, an avalanche of jicama and carrot slaw, salsa fresca, and if you know to ask, high quality corn tortillas. This was exactly the kind of hearty entree I was hoping for on a rainy night in a dining room lined with cowboy paintings.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Rancho Pescadero Pork Rib Carnitas (Dose of Vitamin P)


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