Sculpture Victoria

Victoria Food Worth Seeking

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and the largest city on majestic Vancouver Island, was renamed in 1843 in honor of Britain’s Queen Victoria. Restaurants in this quaint, walkable city across the Strait of...
Craft Beer Vancouver Island

Category 12 Brewing Simplicity

During my most recent trip to Vancouver Island, hyper-local Sooke Harbour House featured several beers from nearby breweries, including Category 12 Brewing. Michael Kuzyk brews in the agricultural hotbed of Saanichton and runs Category...
Beverage Victoria

Hey Happy Turmeric Cashew Vanilla

In Victoria, the powder blue Johnson Street Bridge connects bustling downtown with bucolic Victoria West. The drawbridge has been a point of pride for Vancouver Island residents since 1924. A more futuristic bridge is...
Bakery Victoria

Fol Epi Bakery Sausage Roll

The British Empire of course has had a lasting impact on global culture. Not many people outside of the U.K. would celebrate many lingering effects. That said, some popular British food items have proliferated...
Hotel Vancouver Island

Sooke Harbour House: Hyper Local Food on Vancouver Island

In the mid ’90s, when my interest in restaurants was just coming into focus, my fingers would routinely flip through Zagat’s New York City guide, the New York Times dining section and an increasingly...
Bar Victoria

Veneto: Transforming Dirty Dougie into a Cocktail Destination [CLOSED]

A mid-afternoon stop by Victoria’s Hotel Rialto began with a crash course on the sordid history of the property. The bar wasn’t open yet, but a barista in the lobby cafe told me that...