Seafood Victoria

Red Fish Blue Fish: Showcasing Sustainable B.C. Seafood

Red Fish Blue Fish isn’t just a Dr. Seuss book anymore. It’s also an inspired five-year-old seafood “shack” on Victoria’s Inner Harbor that’s set in a retooled, eco-friendly shipping container. As far as casual...
Craft Beer Victoria

Canoe: Paddling Towards Craft Beer and Cocktails in Victoria

The second leg of my Victoria beer two-step, after stopping at Spinnakers, involved a cab ride to the massive, waterfront Canoe brewpub, opened by caterer Don Calveley and Truffles Group in 1996. The building...
Craft Beer Victoria

Spinnakers: Pioneering Bay-Front Brewpub in Victoria

We started near the houseboats on James Bay and patiently waited on a short pier for our ride to arrive. It didn’t take long to see the H2O Taxi, which launched three days prior...
Cider Victoria

Sea Cider: Applying the Squeeze to Apples in Saanichton

If you’re so inclined (and you should be), it takes less than a half-hour to get from Victoria International Airport to some serious spirits or fermented beverages. My first stop was Victoria Spirits for...
Bakery Victoria

Fol Epi Organic Bakery: Taking Extra Steps to Reach Greatness

Within the first 12 hours of my arrival in Victoria, locals started praising seemingly magical pastries. During my afternoon espresso stop, a barista at Habit Coffee called their croissants the best she’d ever eaten...