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Middle Eastern Food Los Angeles

Bavel Oyster Mushroom Kebab (Food of the Week)

High energy is obvious throughout Bavel, the modern Middle Eastern restaurant from Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis in the DTLA Arts District. People line up at the base of the stairs prior to opening...
Turkish Food Anaheim

Koftegi Iskender (Food of the Week)

Mehmet Kaplan and wife/partner Lisa Matarazzo took Al Sanabel Bakery into a higher gear when they took over the beloved Little Arabia cafe and added Koftegi to the space. Kaplan is from Cappadocia and...
Persian Drink Los Angeles

Kashcool Kitchen Home Style Doogh (Drink of the Week)

Even in a city like Los Angeles that has such a rich Persian culinary history and the population to support a thriving restaurant scene, Kashcool Kitchen still stands out. Mahtab Javadian-Saraf and husband Farhad...
Fish Los Angeles

Mh Zh Branzino (Food of the Week)

Chalk it up to lousy timing. When I lived in Silver Lake from 2006-2010, finding good food in the neighborhood was a struggle. Sadly, Silver Lakers were still many years away from standouts like...
Israeli Drink Los Angeles

Cafe Florentine Sahlab (Drink of the Week)

The section of Valley Village near Los Angeles Valley College has welcomed a bevy of Middle Eastern restaurants in the past two years. Cafe Florentine may be the best option. I’d highly recommend this...
Israeli Food Los Angeles

Pacific Kosher Express Malawach Roll (Food of the Week)

Even in the internet and social media age, it’s still possible for restaurateurs to maintain a relatively low profile. Some restaurants simply cater to their local communities, and manage to survive (and in some...