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Longo Seafood Restaurant Scallop Dumplings

Considering that L.A. County houses approximately 400,000 Chinese-American people, the dim sum scene moves at a pretty languid pace, even in the community’s San Gabriel Valley epicenter. Decade-old places like Elite Restaurant, Lunasia, and...
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China Red Sheng Jian Bao [CLOSED]

Sheng Jian Bao, Shanghai-style buns that are far less renowned than xiao long bao, each contain a ground pork ball and a gelatinized stock that turns to steaming soup when cooking. These pan-fried wonders...
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City View: Off The Beaten Path San Francisco Dim Sim

Flip open any San Francisco guidebook and you’re almost guaranteed to find two dim sum recommendations: Yank Sing and Ton Kiang. The two restaurants pretty much dominate the city’s dim sum scene, with lines...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Lunasia: Clinging to Top Tier in Competitive L.A. Dim Sum Scene

At the end of December, the majority partner of Triumphal Palace transformed the lauded Alhambra restaurant into Lunasia Chinese Cuisine. Back then, Tony C. from SinoSoul was nice enough to help overcome my language...
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Ton Kiang: Getting Picky with Dim Sum in the Richmond [CLOSED]

On a Saturday or Sunday, this Richmond district Chinese restaurant has a perpetual line out the door. Ton Kiang has developed a reputation for serving some of the best dim sum in San Francisco,...
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Triumphal Palace: Excellent Dim Sum in Alhambra [CLOSED]

Triumphal Palace opened in the modern Alhambra Regency Plaza on June 17, 2005, and there was an instant frenzy, with lines out the door. The madness has died down some, but it’s still worth...