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Cake West Hollywood

On January 8, a few dozen writers were invited to preview chef Sebastien Archambault’s food at RH, Andaz West Hollywood’s market-driven restaurant. Andaz is a sleek new Sunset Strip hotel from Hyatt that officially opened January 9, named after the Hindi expression for “personal style.” RH is a nod to the property’s Continental Hyatt House past, when the hotel was teeming with rock stars and known as the “Riot House.”

Ham Los Angeles
We started at the bar, where our hosts shared plates of jamon iberico de bellota, a premium Spanish ham made from pata negra (black-footed pigs) and aged for 36 months. Banquette tables held plates of pan tomate, a style of tomato-brushed bread popular in Spanish tapas bars.

Cocktail West Hollywood
Head bartender Beau du Bois, a Hyatt West Hollywood veteran, stocked his bar with glass jars of fresh citrus, which he used to concoct cocktails that display his andaz. For “Mr. Plant,” named for Led Zeppelin’s singer, he infuses No. 209 Gin with tangerine, soda water and agave. He also mixed The Steelo: Hangar 1, St. Germain liqueur, grapefruit juice and blueberries. The bar occupies an enclosed glass box and offers clear views of the Sunset Strip. Just outside the window, Jacob Hashimoto’s colorful 11-foot sculpture sports colorful strings of hexagonal discs.

For dinner, our hosts led us past the polished stainless steel back bar, which acts as a barrier between the bar area and dining room.

No matter the meal, Archambault’s goal is to simply prepare the best ingredients possible. He has nothing to hide, as evidenced by the bustling exhibition kitchen and glass-fronted larder showcasing the day’s market finds. For dinner, he featured family-style portions of several composed dishes from his menu, including a roasted forest mushroom tart and a bowl of shrimp ceviche with avocado, jalpapeno, tomato and fresh lime.

Seafood West Hollywood
Archambault guided us on an two-hour culinary tour, presenting field mushroom risotto with Parmesan cheese, seared diver scallops with orange braised endive, seared yellow fin tuna with tomato and onion compote and shaved fennel, slow braised beef cheek with black olives and baby yellow carrots and a seared double pork chop with roasted garlic cloves and artichoke hearts.

Cake West Hollywood
For dessert, we received a caramelized, pancake-like apple “pie” and a crunchy chocolate and roasted hazelnut cake with a scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream.

During a typical dinner, you’ll find the aforementioned composed dishes, and a Market List provides the option to sear or stir-fry nine different proteins ($18-30), including diver scallops and hanger steak. Archambault also prepares yellow fin tuna or filet mignon tartar. At no extra cost, mix and match vegetables (soy shoots, enoki mushrooms) with sauces & chutneys (basil, pine nut and Parmesan pesto, chili and onion chutney with kaffir lime). For $7 apiece, add sides like organic wild rice or cauliflower gratin.

Lunch primarily revolves around salads ($12) and sandwiches ($15). With your salad, choose a green (romaine, watercress, frisee), dressing (grape seed oil, fresh Meyer lemon juice, red wine vinaigrette) and topping (walnuts, pine nuts, natural bacon). You’re welcome to add yellow fin tuna sashimi ($8) or Pacific smoked salmon ($6), to name just two options. For your sandwich, choose a bread, whether you want it toasted, hot pressed or plain, then check options like La Quercia artisanal prosciutto, grilled vegetables and onion jam. No matter what you choose, sandwiches come with either French fries or a mixed salad.

Since Andaz touts personal style, when you order organic farm fresh eggs ($16) at breakfast, you’re encouraged to choose a vegetable (tomato compote, sautéed field mushrooms, etc.), cheese (Swiss, cheddar) and protein (Pacific smoked salmon, all natural bacon, sliced prosciutto). You’ll also find Chilaquiles with Spinach and Smoked Salmon and a Rocky Road Pancake with nuts, chocolate, dried fruits and marshmallows. Of course you can order apple or grapefruit juice, but you’ll also find Carrot, Orange and Fresh Ginger or Pineapple and Mint.

Update: RH CLOSED.


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