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Chinese Food Calgary

Calan has a tight menu starring hand-pulled noodles.

My family had one meal left in Calgary before driving to Canmore and Canada’s Civic Holiday severely limited our choices. Earlier in the trip, I’d researched demographics and saw Chinese-Canadians accounted for 10% of the city’s population. Chinatown didn’t seem to have many compelling restaurants, but numbers indicated they had to be somewhere, so I expanded my search radius. I learned that north Calgary houses a pocket of Asian restaurants, which led me to Calan Beef Noodle. The small, 25-seat restaurant opened in 2017 in a strip mall. The name is an amalgamation of Calgary and Lanzhou, the owners’ home city. An exhibition kitchen for hand-pulled noodle making leaves no doubt about their focus.

Hand Pulled Noodle in Beef Soup ($10.99) arrived in a clear, savory beef broth with scallion shavings, thin-sliced daikon, tender beef cubes, and a slick of spicy chile oil. I ordered thin noodles with all the sides, including cool slices of simmered beef shank. They also craft thick, flat & narrow, and flat & wide noodles behind glass in dramatic fashion. I tried three dishes, all with different noodles and all hits, but beef noodle soup best girded us for the drive west.

Calan Hand Pulled Noodle in Beef Soup (Food of the Week)


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