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Chinese Food Calgary

Calan Hand Pulled Noodle in Beef Soup

My family had one meal left in Calgary before driving to Canmore and Canada’s Civic Holiday severely limited our choices. Earlier in the trip, I’d researched demographics and saw Chinese-Canadians accounted for 10% of...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Grandpa’s Kitchen Dry Noodles 168 Phnom Penh Fresh Noodles

“Dry noodles” are a bit of a misnomer. This menu description just means that the noodles aren’t served in soup, but the bowls at Grandpa’s Kitchen Dry Noodles 168 in Little Saigon are far...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

King Noodles 68 Hủ Tiếu Hoac Mi Kings Noodle

In the bathroom at King Noodles 68, the owners posted a surprisingly moving quote from Mahatma Gandhi on the mirror: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Love as if you were to...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Mai Phung Mi Mai Phung Kho

Little Saigon is stitched together with rich Vietnamese culinary fabric that of course doesn’t stop at pho, spring rolls, or imperial rolls. Some of my favorite meals are at noodle houses. I didn’t get...
Chinese Food San Diego

Shan Xi Magic Kitchen Biang Biang Noodles

Making noodles may not actually be a trick, but the house-made Shaanxi style noodles at Shan Xi Magic Kitchen in San Diego sure are a treat. The restaurant opened in 2016 in a Kearny...
Chinese Noodles Los Angeles

Bamboodles: Cantonese Noodles and a Show in San Gabriel [CLOSED]

The idea of a grown man riding a bamboo stick doesn’t normally inspire confidence. However, at Bamboodles, a three-month-old Cantonese import, the process is revered. A glass window showcases a noodle master methodically massaging...