Cafe Chloe: Channeling Paris in San Diego’s East Village [CLOSED]

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French Restaurant San Diego

Cafe Chloe may be the most exciting food option in the burgeoning East Village.

Cafe Chloe is a charming French cafe from Katie Grebow in San Diego’s burgeoning East Village.

French Restaurant San Diego

The very brown interior features tables phalanxing out from the lovely bar. Another room features a two-table balcony. Cafe Chloe also hosts an outdoor patio.

Coffee San Diego

Cafe Chloe’s soothing mocha comes lavished with chocolate shavings.

Lemonade San Diego

Cafe Chloe’s extraordinary lavender lemonade sports a fresh lavender sprig perched on the rim of the glass.

Croissant San Diego

Cafe Chloe doesn’t produce many baked goods, but what they make is spectacular. Their croissant was buttery and pull-apart, yet light.

French Food San Diego

An open-faced poached egg, wild mushrooms & sage-truffle buerre blanc sandwich joined a frisée and sun-dried tomato salad.

Omelette San Diego

A sensational fines herbes & epoisses omelette came with luscious duck sausage, thin-sliced fingerling potatoes and field greens.

Croissant San Diego

We ended our meal as we began it, with a croissant. Circle of life. This version was just as good as the first, plus it packed chocolate bars.


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