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Mexican Restaurant Los Angeles

Andrew Lujan and family play against Mexican food stereotypes at Cacao.

Andrew Lujan, his wife and two sisters opened Cacao Mexicatessen near the Eagle Rock Trader Joe’s on July 31. “The name was created in the attempt to brand the deli with a representation of a indigenous Mexican product such as cacao,” says Lujan. “Mexican food is often stereotyped to be comprised of chimichangas, nachos, etc. I felt as though our name represents a history of Mexican food that is rich in tradition.”

Mexican Restaurant Los Angeles

Lujan and his father own the building, a former mortgage company. His family runs Eufloria flower shop next door.

Lujan’s sister Christy is the chef and developed a more ambitious menu than Andrew initially anticipated, including Rellenos ($13.75) stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and jalapeño; sun-dried tomato, goat cheese and squash blossom; and cod with capers. You’ll find Camarones Echipotlados ($14.25) – shrimp with chipotle, garlic and citrus; El Puerco Borracho ($13.50) – pork belly cooked with pork belly, pintoc, tequila, Modelo beer, chilies and spices; and weekend-only menudo.

Tacos Los Angeles

If you feel like tacos (pictured) or a torta, Christy Lujan also cooks those.

Cacao’s coffee program includes lattes flavored with cajeta, organic agave nectar and vanilla from Mexico’s Papantla region. You’ll find bottomless cups of drip coffee, ice blended frappes and specialty drinks flavored like the Azteca Mocha Latte seasoned with cinnamon, almonds, chile de arbol and chamomile. If coffee isn’t your thing, Cacao’s got you covered. Order a cool agua fresca, either jamaica or orange-pineapple, if it’s in season.

Mexican Food Los Angeles

Cacao carries grab-and-go containers of salsa and Oaxacan mole: rojo, negro and Colorado.

Salsa fresca (8 oz. for $2, 16 oz. for $3) incorporates tomato, onion, jalapeño and lime. Salsa de Cruzita has more heat, with tomatillo, tomato, jalapeño, dried chile, garlic, lime, salt. Cacao also sells Mexican cheeses, including Grated Cotija (8 oz. for $1.50, 16 oz. from $4), Queso Fresco and Panela. 5 oz. bottles of Cacao hot sauce – habanero or chipotle – are on the tables and available for purchase.

Address: 1576 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041

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some very interesting points… but i think your research and bias leaves a lot to be desired… then of course, that’s just my opinion…
have a great day… definitely a thought-provoking post!

way over priced. portions were small-albondigas was good, taquitos ordinary(3 with rice and beans for$9.00+ ouch!) service was spotty & confused. food took forever to arrive. taco spot down the street much better. this isn’t nyc so why the outrageous prices, and they own the building! could be a winner if they get the service together and get real with the prices. when you have so many mexican restaurants so close you need to stay in the ballpark.

Thanks! Its realy cool. I think you make realy hard work.

i just wanted to chime in and say nice design.

I was not impressed with the food or the service. First off, the place is nice, cozy and well decorated. It was nice to sit inside and check out all their stuff.
The service sucked. Figured I would try their skills out with the tacos. Ordered Carnitas, chorizo con papa and cochinita pibil. We sat down and waited and waited and waited, watching everyone else that ordered after us get their food. Turns out they forgot our order and tried to make it up to us with some guacamole (which was good) and an excuse that they had to make the chorizo.
The carnitas taco was good, but nothing stood out about it. The chorizo con papas had just a hint of chorizo and tasted more like an herb and potato taco. And the cochinita pibil got 2 thumbs down. It was bland in taste and the achiote did not stand out. However, I may be spoiled as I have had the ‘real’ cochinita and was probably looking forward to tasting something more authentic.
So will I be repeating? Not for the food, especially at their prices. I may go back to try their coffee as they did sound good…

Are you kidding me!!??? Swine FLU??? In sommer in heat? Is it even possible? I am from Cali and I disquieted! Stay in the pink!

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The food is amazing and the staff are all very friendly and service oriented.
The ambiance is colorful and pleasant. Soon it will join the legion of a few other local culinary delights in Eagle Rock to have people line up to wait for a table. It’s that good! Hurry before everyone knows about it!

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The goal is always to advance the story as new information becomes available.

dang, looks like a nice spot, can’t believe i missed this release.

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