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Venture to the back side of Koreatown’s ASSI Plaza and you’ll find one of L.A.’s top new coffeehouses, Brew/Well. The glass fronted cafe with fashionable tile is the byproduct of hard work by sisters Grace & Elizabeth Rhee. We’ve seen L.A. cafes where even sugar is verboten. However, Brew/Well is the polar opposite. Sure, they grind and brew nuanced Heart Coffee Roasters beans, but they also showcase culinary creativity in signature beverages and source sweets from one of L.A.’s best pastry chefs, John Park of Quenelle. Together, Brew/Well and Quenelle contribute to a terrific coffee float.

Brew/Well’s Coffee Float ($6) combines Heart cold brew and a scoop of creamy, refreshing Quenelle mascarpone vanilla ice gelato. According to the sisters, “We rotate between Heart Coffee Roaster’s Stereo blend and various single origins,” for variety’s sake. During my visit, that meant Ethiopia Chelba, which adds caramel notes to the equation. A scoop of creamy, refreshing Quenelle gelato, submerged in the mildly bitter coffee from what may very well be Portland’s leading roaster, creates harmony in the cup. If you have patience, the gelato will melt, and that creates some truly glorious sips…if you can wait.

Address: 3525 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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