L.A. Breweries Now Open and Opening Soon: Fall 2013

Breweries Los Angeles

King Harbor, Alosta, Stout, Federal, and Timeless Pints expand L.A.'s craft brewery range.

With the Great American Beer Festival underway in Denver, and most beer fans (and some brewers) not able to go, we can still celebrate the craft beer scene by focusing on our own backyard.  There are breweries now open, opening soon and still fermenting around the Southland.


Progress Brewing – Debuted mid-September in El Monte, deep in the San Gabriel Valley and is open every day starting at 3pm.

Timeless Pints – Near the Lakewood airport, Timeless Pints has a unique design and even more unique beer names.


Alosta Brewing Co. – Brewed up their first batch on September 24th, opening date is TBD for this Covina brewery funded in part through Kickstarter.

Highland Park Brewery – Father’s Office veteran Bob Kunz be brewing on a small system adjacent to the Hermosillo Bar on York Boulevard. Start date and logo still TBD.


Boomtown Brewing – Downtown LA will get a 17,000 square-foot brewery in early 2013 from the Stout duo of Charles Lew and Alex Kagianaris.

King Harbor – Formerly Coastline Brewing, this Redondo Beach brewing project just received some tanks in late September which is a great sign of progress.

And that is not all!  Amazingly there are even more.  Institution Ale Company in Camarillo, Absolution Brewing in Torrance, MacLeod’s in Van Nuys and Sanctum Brewing in Pomona all at varying stages in brewing.

The Beer of the Week is the newly released and revised 2013 edition of Burning Bush from Golden Road Brewing.  Part of the rotating custom IPA series from the brewery, this beer pours a cola brown color and give a double whammy of smoke and hops without being too heavy on the palate.  The perfect compromise for the friends that only like rauchbiers or only drink hop bombs.

Your Homework is to go to Uppers & Downers.  Coffee beers are a certifiable major trend in craft beer, the Father’s Day CollaBREWtive Brunch from this very blog showed the creativity of caffeine and hops.  And now Intelligentsia (who has collaborated with Eagle Rock on their Stimulus beer) is hosting ” a rare tasting of renowned coffee beers from around the country including Dark Lord from Three Floyds, Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island” other breweries on tap will be Eagle Rock, Solemn Oath, Angel City, Lost Abbey.  Uppers & Downers will be at the Pasadena outpost of Intelligentsia on October 19 from 7pm – 10pm, and Tickets Are Available Here.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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