Bracero Cocina Ready Lane Cocktail [CLOSED]

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No brakes needed for bartender Christian Siglin's Ready Lane cocktail at Bracero Cantina.

Bracero Cocina is a contemporary, double-decker Mexican restaurant from Javier Plascencia in San Diego’s Little Italy that’s generating major buzz, but not just for the food. Bartender Christian Siglin, who I met while he was working at adjacent Craft & Commerce, has delivered a menu of creative, food friendly cocktails, including the Ready Lane.

Considering that Chef Plascencia grew up in a Tijuana restaurant family, and still runs several restaurants right across the border, it’s no surprise that the adjacent city plays a key role on Bracero Cocina’s menu. Siglin has two cocktails that refer specifically to the border crossing process. Sentri Pass refers to the fast pass, and my pick, Ready Lane, is the next fastest lane to take if you’re driving into San Diego.

Siglin’s Ready Lane ($11) features spicy jalapeño infused El Jimador tequila and Sales aperitif, a gentiane based liqueur that isn’t as sweet as Aperol and plays well with house-made celery syrup. Fresh lime juice, salt, and soda also factor into the refreshing cocktail, which is served on the rocks and garnished with skewered, sliced cucumber.


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