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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Southland Beer and Craft Beer Cellar package standout beer bars and bottle shops.

Los Angeles is far too big of a city to have just two classy bottle shops that are dedicated to beer. I know, of course, there are more than two places to buy great craft beer in our fair city, but until we can match, nay exceed, the amount of craft beer-centric destinations in Portland, then I feel we are short of the mark.

Which is why it is great news that two more are on the way! Both newcomers will follow the winning format of Sunset Beer Co. in Echo Park and Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach. Multiple taps to enjoy beer in comfort on premise plus a vast selection of bottles and cans to go.

Southland Beer will grace Koreatown and Craft Beer Cellar will be in Eagle Rock. The former will be tucked into a corner of a strip mall on Western Avenue near the excellent Beer Belly. The bar will house 19 taps, plus cask ales (which we need more of) and food (another need). The latter is almost in the shadow of the actual Eagle Rock on the far edge of Colorado Boulevard next to Found Coffee. CBC is the only West Coast outpost of the celebrated CBC chain that graces the East Coast. They recently concluded a successful Indie-Go-Go campaign.

If I had prognostication skills, I would hope to see a bottle shop in each beer loving community across Los Angeles.

The Beer of the Week is Jackie Tar from MacLeod Ale Brewing. Not only can it be found on tap in their Van Nuys taproom but now also in handsome 22-ounce bottles. This brown stout was born from historical recipes but tweaked for modern brewing techniques, ingredients and palates. There is a load of malt character for such a low ABV beer.

Your craft beer Homework this week is to pay it backwards. You (and I) get lots of great beer from brewers across this country who do the hard work of mashing in and cleaning and being perfectionists. But accidents happen and we all know that the hospital can be very, very expensive.  Unfortunately, Kerry Thomas from Edge Brewing was injured and now she could use a little beer fan love. So head to her GoFundMe page.  Read about her situation and please donate.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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