Bondi Harvest Kombucha Kick (Drink of the Week)

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Sydney import Bondi Harvest feels like a longtime community member at a digital campus in Santa Monica that Tastemade Studios anchors. Their photogenic space with surfer flourishes features rustic wood seating indoors and out and a bar that dispenses Vittoria Coffee beverages. The food from Australia natives Guy Turland, Mark Alston, and GM/partner Sabrina Harper is fresh, seasonal, and vivid, and that style doesn’t stop at the plate.

Bondi Harvest also devotes a whole menu section to smoothies. Nobody would confuse smoothies as cutting-edge in 2016, but this group does manage to dial the concept up a notch. I was particularly impressed with Kombucha Kick ($7), a bold, colorful blend of mixed berries, spicy-tart Health Ade ginger kombucha, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Aromatic thyme from Bondi Harvest’s garden serves as a dual garnish with dry chia seeds.

Address: 1814 Berkeley Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Joshua Lurie

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