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Three family members joined forces to bake nostalgic recipes, available for pickup or delivery.

Chrissy Martin, sister Jen Boehle and cousin Katy Barnes grew up in Santa Monica and Venice. Seven months ago, they joined forces on Bakesale, producing bundts, bars, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and their signature “H” bark in commercial kitchens in Culver City and West L.A. Martin was excited to have me try their baked goods, and last Wednesday, she delivered a stylish goody box containing six cupcakes, two bars and two kinds of “H” bark.

According to Martin, the trio “all brought different recipes to the table” and tweaked other recipes. The name references the fact that their moms used to participate in elementary school bake sales.

The Los Angeles cupcake market is oversaturated at this point, but Bakesale still managed to produce some of the city’s better specimens.

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Bakesale’s top cupcake featured moist banana cake slathered with cream cheese frosting and dusted with crushed walnuts. Red velvet was also excellent, topped with cream cheese frosting and a single candied pecan.

If you’re in the mood for something richer, Chocolate Chocolate Chip was dense but delicious, piped with whipped cream and buttercream and topped with chocolate fudge frosting. Finally, the fourth cupcake was coated with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with crushed chocolate bits. Bakesale has several other varieties available on their website.

Online, the Bakesale girls claim that “H” bark is “so “h”eavenly, it’s guaranteed to be the “h”it of every gathering!” Both versions feature Graham crackers, the original version coated with dark chocolate, Version 2.0 lined with white chocolate. Some shards supported toffee bits, others almonds and crushed Heath bar.

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Bakesale’s original bark was more balanced. White chocolate is too sweet for my taste.

We also received two small Toffee Bars, chewy cookie squares that are typically sold by the pan. The habit-forming mixture included toffee, chocolate, nuts and chocolate chip cookie batter.

Cupcakes cost $30 per dozen, and additional cupcakes run $2.75 each. An order of dark chocolate “H” Bark costs $18 for two pounds. White chocolate runs $20. A goody box normally runs $35.

“H” bark ships nationwide. Everything else is available in L.A. by pickup or delivery. The next time you have a potluck, birthday party of gift to give, it’s worth considering Bakesale.


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