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Santos Uy + Daniel Kronfli

Now that Santos Uy and Daniel Kronfli have a handle on Bacaro LA, the partners plan to open a second wine bar called Mignon near Cole’s. Ana Henton of MASS Architecture & Design is currently designing the 677-square-foot space, which used to house a tailor shop. “Mignon” means cute or dainty in French, so they’ll only have room for an island bar and surrounding bar stools. They might have patio seating. Uy and Kronfli plan to incorporate old tailor signs, including one that says “Alterations.”

Uy said he and Kronfli will feature “fancier wines” at a different price point than Bacaro LA, mostly “off the beaten path” French wines. Mignon won’t have a kitchen, but Beth Creasey (A.O.C., Green Truck) will oversee a selection of cheese, charcuterie and small bites.

Mignon should open in the last quarter of 2009.


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