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Ladyface and Eagle Rock are part of L.A.'s new brewery wave. Let's celebrate their birthdays.

Two of our “elder” brewing statesmen turn four this month (or at least celebrate their anniversary). Ladyface Ale Companie in Agoura Hills and Eagle Rock Brewery in Los Angeles have both reached this momentous milestone and produced special anniversary beers to commemorate the occasion.

Eagle Rock will be premiering the White Rabbit.  This beer hearkens back to the early days of brewing at Eagle Rock.  Before Manifesto Wit was what it is today, it was White Rabbit.  Now the brew crew has imperialized it and instead of using the rose petals that you taste and smell in Manifesto, you will be tasting Chamomile tea.

You will be able to taste this and the three other anniversary beers this Sunday at their Eagle Rock taproom.  $20 will get you four tasters and the special 4th anniversary glass and you will also be seeing some special cask beers and see the new barrels that dominate the brewing area where the latest batch of Equinox is aging away.

Ladyface Ale Companie has been celebrating this whole week in Agoura Hills and the party continues through the weekend.  There is a barrel aged beer night on January 24 and birthday cake on Saturday, but the star of the show is their new celebratory beer.

Flores et Fructus is a Belgian Quadrupel and following the theme of “Bearing Fruit” should be both flowery and fruity.  And this anniversary will be the perfect time to sample the creativity on display with their beers and the beer names.

If you are a fan of our growing beer scene then you will join me in raising an anniversary toast to Ladyface and Eagle Rock!

Your Beer of the Week is §ucaba, a barrel-aged English barleywine from Firestone Walker.  The Paso Robles brewery spins magic with these special beers.  The beer formerly known in reverse is one of the components of their famed anniversary beer, sold separately, so that you can truly see how hard it must be to blend it and other big bold beers into one cohesive beer.  This beer can be opened now or cellared and is perfect for sharing on a special occasion.

Your Homework is to follow along as Southland brewers play around with single hops. Noble Ale Works and Evan Price go on a single hop Double IPA journey through the year.  Following up a win at the first LA IPA Fest with Tongue Tickles IPA, they head to Citra Showers. Which showcases the Citra hop.  Monkish Brewing in Torrance has done two different Belgian inflected hop experiments.  First was Galaxy Defender and now they have Altar Boy which is an ode to the Mosaic hop.


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