7 Leaves Cafe Herbal Tea (Drink of the Week)

Tea Orange County

7 Leaves Cafe is a family-run business that has grown into an eight-branch, caffeine-fueled juggernaut that remains firmly rooted in Orange County. The original Westminster location is not quite as popular as other outlets, which is fine by me. I would wait to drink favorites like mung bean milk tea and herbal tea, but of course prefer to breeze through a shorter line.

I occasionally stray from mung bean milk tea for options like their herbal tea, a signature blend of seven herbs and tea and herbs that includes pandan leaves, chrysanthemums, artichokes, and raw cane sugar. 7 Leaves claims the beverage is “formulated to cool and refresh the mind and body.” I can’t attest to spiritual enlightenment, but the refreshing drink with floral undertones definitely had a calming influence as I drove home on the 405 freeway.

Address: 9786 Westminster Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92844

Joshua Lurie

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