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Vietnamese Food Orange County

Grandpa’s Kitchen Dry Noodles 168 Phnom Penh Fresh Noodles (Dose of Vitamin P)

“Dry noodles” are a bit of a misnomer. This menu description just means that the noodles aren’t served in soup, but the bowls at Grandpa’s Kitchen Dry Noodles 168 in Little Saigon are far...
Sugar Cane Juice Orange County

Nuoc Mia Vien Tay Kumquat Sugar Cane Juice (Drink of the Week)

Nuoc Mia Vien Tay is a rebranded Little Saigon sugar cane juice bar that dates to 1996, when Chuyen Nguyen and wife Thuy opened in a Westminster strip mall. I first wrote about Nuoc...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Mai Phung Mi Mai Phung Kho (Dose of Vitamin P)

Little Saigon is stitched together with rich Vietnamese culinary fabric that of course doesn’t stop at pho, spring rolls, or imperial rolls. Some of my favorite meals are at noodle houses. I didn’t get...
Tea Orange County

7 Leaves Cafe Herbal Tea (Drink of the Week)

7 Leaves Cafe is a family-run business that has grown into an eight-branch, caffeine-fueled juggernaut that remains firmly rooted in Orange County. The original Westminster location is not quite as popular as other outlets,...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Shaoyin Phung Glutinous Rice Balls (Food of the Week)

Little Saigon has so many treasures to reveal. Often, it’s just a matter of timing and proximity. On my most recent visit to the Vietnamese culinary Mecca, I met Shaoyin Phung, who sets up...
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Song Long Cha Ca Thanh Long (Food of the Week)

Sizzling fish has proliferated in Little Saigon, America’s best developed bastion for Vietnamese cuisine. The inspiration for this dish, which often goes by Cha Ca Thanh Long in the Orange County enclave, was Cha...