Wilber’s Barbecue + Nahunta Pork Center: ‘Cue, Start to Finish

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Barbecue North Carolina

Wilber's Barbecue is vinegar-based, Carolina-style BBQ beacon.

Wilber’s is an eastern Carolina barbecue mecca that couldn’t look simpler outside.

Barbecue Sign North Carolina

This porcine weather vane could easily put any rooster out of business.

Army Uniform North Carolina

Owner Wilber Shirley proudly displays his uniform from the “Korean Conflict,” along with medals, ribbons, and vintage photos of the future barbecue impresario. Highly impressive.

Pig Collectibles North Carolina

A shelf of pig memorabilia, including a porcine CHIPs Officer, a freaky dashboard hula dancer with a body that was all woman and a face that was all hog, a blue piggy bank labeled “Hit Man Fund,” and a cartoonish George W. Bush figurine.

Barbecue North Carolina

Wilber’s combo plate featured luscious chopped barbecue, tomato-rich Brunswick stew, scoops of eggy potato salad and crisp cole slaw.

Hushpuppies North Carolina

Crispy Cheeto-shaped hushpuppies held just the right amount of cornmeal sweetness.

Iced Tea North Carolina

When I sat down at a checked table, I found a jumbo pitcher of perfect sweet tea. I knew I was in the right place.

Barbecue Sauce North Carolina

Vinegar was prevalent at Wilber’s. In this picture, it appears three times: in a pitcher of vinegar, in a bottle of peppery barbecue sauce, and a pitcher of sauce. Happily, I’m a vinegar fan.

Banana Pudding North Carolina

Banana pudding was heavy on Nilla wafers, which were soaking in silky banana custard and blended with fresh banana.

Pork North Carolina

After spotting a pork delivery truck behind Wilber’s, I sidetracked to its source: Nahunta Pork Center, home of “America’s largest pork display.” They slaughter hogs out back daily.

Pigs North Carolina

A pen holds serene looking pigs. Hopefully they don’t know what’s coming: daily slaughter just out back. If it’s any consolation, they make for delicious barbecue.

Pork North Carolina

Nahunta Pork Center, home of “America’s largest pork display.” In 1975, Mack Pierce renovated a tobacco barn and spun off Nahunta Pork Center from the Nahunta Hog Market and Slaughter House. Their products are so fresh, labels indicate each pig part was cut that day.

Pork North Carolina

Nahunta also sold rack-upon-rack of country cured hams and shoulders.

Barbecue North Carolina

Nahunta also cooks BBQ dishes, including pulled pork and ribs, for home heating.


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