Top 10 Drinks of 2017

Top 10 List

Any entry on this list would be well worth repeating.

Every Friday, Drink of the Week celebrates my favorite beverage from the previous seven days. To end the year, discover my 10 favorite Drinks of the Week in 2017. I live in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to travel to places like Paso Robles, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Vancouver Island (Tofino and Victoria). Along the way, I took hundreds of hopeful sips. Look back at my 10 favorite drinks from 2017.

Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference.

Click on each link or photo to learn more about each food in the Top 10.

10. Bia Coffee Bia Latte

Coffee Los Angeles

9. 101 Proof Speakeasy Long Goodbye

Cocktail Oceanside
8. Los Angeles Ale Works Lemongrab

Craft Beer Los Angeles
7. Seabold Turmeric Black Pepper Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer Los Angeles
6. Claremont Craft Ales Farm to Foam

Craft Beer Claremont


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