Tony Luke’s: Kick-Ass Sandwiches Alongside Interstate 95

Restaurant Logo Philadelphia

Cheesesteaks are nearly as synonymous with Philly as the Liberty Bell.

Tony Luke’s is hard to miss, with its silver sheen and the prodigious amount of neon.

Restaurant Philadelphia

Sandwiched between a Sunoco station and I-95, it’s not exactly scenic, and the bolted-down tables are uncomfortable, but the sandwiches are excellent.

Parking Lot Philadelphia

Tony Luke’s parking lot doesn’t exactly call out “photo op,” with concertina wire and I-95 overhead.

Tony Luke’s logo involves a hoagie-topped Liberty Bell and either Benjamin Franklin or a pistol-packing pirate. Either way, Anthony Lucidonio, Jr. (AKA Tony Luke, Jr.) who doubles as an actor, triples as a singer-songwriter, and quadruples as a boxer, knows how to construct a kick-ass sandwich.

Tony Luke’s menu features numerous beef, pork, veal, chicken, and steak sandwiches, but before we even arrived, I knew exactly what I’d order.

Sandwich Philadelphia

The Roast Pork Italian featured juicy slices of roast pork, Provolone, and broccoli rabe that was absolutely dripping with garlic.

Somehow, the fresh Italian bread held together under the strain of all the ingredients. It was a very good pork sandwich. Some family members claimed there was too much garlic. I disagree.

Sandwich Philadelphia

The cheesesteak is another popular option at Tony Luke’s, starring high-quality beef saturated with melted American cheese.

Tony Luke’s cheesesteak could have used grilled onions, and the bread was a bit dry, but it was still commendable.

French Fries Philadelphia

Fries were thick-cut and crispy outside, a tasty but devastating pairing for the heavy sandwiches.

Tony Luke’s: Kick-Ass Sandwiches Alongside Interstate 95


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