Toasting Los Angeles Beer Week

Beer Festival Los Angeles

L.A. Beer Week has quickly become a destination for SoCal craft beer lovers.

I have not been very subtle in recent weeks. Shocking, I know. I have been using my bully pulpit to sermonize about the 2nd annual Los Angeles Beer Week. Well, this week I go all out.

I want to focus on those events that I think are “must” drink. Usually the homework is at the end of the post but I want you to consider not only my suggestions but all of the events that the organizers have put on the Los Angeles Beer Week calendar with an eye on the following two considerations. First, what can you take a craft beer newbie to? Don’t be selfish and keep all the good beer for yourself. Be a craft beer ambassador. The more people drink great craft beer, the more great craft beer will be brewed. Second, try something new to you. Be it a brewery, a style of beer or a beer and food pairing. This is the time to experiment. So let’s begin…

…with a trip to the beach on Thursday, October 7. The iconic image (along with the Hollywood sign and Beverly Hills) of Los Angeles. Hopefully, craft beer will become synonymous with LA as well. Head to Naja’s Place in Redondo Beach and meet the luminaries from Stone Brewing and sample from their great line-up. Naja’s has its own iconic image. A beautiful row of tap handles. After you have recovered from the opening night revelry…

….on Sunday, October 10, there is a densely packed schedule with a wide variety of beer-infused dining experiences from morning ’til night. Are you a Sunday brunch fan? Head to Eagle Rock Brewery where the Hot Knives will feed and educate you. If you are more of a big Sunday dinner type of person, then head to The Foundry on Melrose for a fantastic Dogfish Head beer pairing. And if you could eat ice cream all day, well then head to Glassell Park for some beer floats. If you haven’t mixed beer with ice cream then you are in for a treat…

…speaking of frozen treats, local treasure Scoops is in on craft beer train and why not. They are very similar to a craft brewery. Small with a fanatical following because of their focus on quality ingredients and bold risk taking. Starting on October 11, you can taste some beer-inspired ice cream…

…another item that can be inspired when matched with craft beer is BBQ. There is nothing like a burger and a brew. Unless you head to The Oinkster in Eagle Rock on Wednesday, October 13, where you can get the full array of BBQ items paired with great beers from Craftsman Brewing in Pasadena. You can sit on the patio watching the cars and your cares fly by…

…like sand through the hourglass, Los Angeles Beer Week concludes with the Union Station festival finale. I assume you will be attending that great coming together of beer and mass transit. But before then, on Thursday, October 14, you should drop by The Surly Goat for a beer and cheese primer.

These are literally only a few of the great events during the extended week of festivities. Looking back over my to-do’s I don’t see favorites like Blue Palms, 38 Degrees or Tony’s Darts Away only because the siren call of others beckons me. But wherever I am, I will raise a toast to all the people who are making Los Angeles a beer destination!

One business paving the beer road here is Eagle Rock Brewery. Or should I say, gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival winning Eagle Rock Brewery? In a nod to California’s addition to craft beer history, they are brewing up a special batch of Imperial steam beer as the official beer of the week. It is sure to be popular so be sure to grab a glass when you can.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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