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In pinball, shake the machine too much and the game eats your ball, penalizing you for underhanded or rough play. Thankfully, at sleek new Tilt Coffee Bar in downtown L.A.’s Old Bank District, their coffee drinks are anything but tilted.

Tilt is located in the industrial courtyard at the base of a mixed-use complex called The Medallion. Suk Hong opened the glass and steel kiosk in January and presides over a wood counter that centers on a Synesso espresso machine and Heart coffee.

Cloud Latte ($5) is their signature beverage, a glass of espresso, milk, maple syrup, and cold cream. No, this isn’t the skin treatment that promises “glowing skin.” In this instance, cold cream is just heavy whipping cream, and thankfully not sweet. Each cloud latte is served over ice or hot. Stir the drink’s three distinct layers to fully integrate flavors.

Address: 334 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tilt Coffee Bar Cloud Latte (Drink of the Week)


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