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Jimmy Shaw has a sign up for Loteria Grill Kitchen Store, but the concept's still unclear.

Last night’s stop at Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruity Bars turned out to be surprisingly newsworthy. Across the parking lot of a rough and tumble strip mall, I spotted a new storefront for Loteria Grill & Kitchen Store.

The space on the left featured what looked like a takeout counter, a large loteria card featuring a “taquero” (taco maker) and still-blank blackboard menus. The plaza sign is already lit, so it may not be long before the neighborhood welcomes Jimmy Shaw’s third regional Mexican establishment. The storefront on the right was still covered, and will probably house the mysterious “kitchen store.”

UPDATE: This location is Loteria Grill’s commissary kitchen, not a restaurant.

Address: 4228 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Actually, this location was ALWAYS there, it’s the kitchen where they MAKE the food for the other locations. They just added a “store” to comply with the lease, as this is technically a retail location.


Thanks for the clarification.

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